From June 26 to July 28, 2024

Our Artisans create exceptional quality

Our refined and elegant scarves and shawls are the fruit of a harmony between a know-how passed down from generation to generation, using the finest fiber and contemporary designs.


Made by hand in Nepal, each one of our shawls is a unique creation.
Premium cashmere. Felted by hand.

Our Workshops

Our scarves and shawls are hand made with care at every stage of the process in our workshops in Kathmandu, Nepal.
While weavers passionately perpetuate their ancestral know-how on traditional looms, the dyeing techniques have been adapted to create a contemporary look.
The mix of the traditional and the modern has culminated in creating a weave of exceptional quality.
Art and traditional craft have been perfectly merged together.
Each shawl is unique.

Back to the roots

On the highlands of the Himalayas, goats called Capra Hircus , are raised by nomadic shepherds who have an in depth knowledge of their surroundings. In order to deal with the extreme, harsh and windy weather conditions of winter, the goats develop a thick silky fleece. Its rarity and softness make it an extremely precious wool. Its texture is incredibly fine as well as soft.

Premium Quality

Two main factors determine the quality of the cashmere : the diameter of the fiber and the yarn count.

The Team

The creation of Karuna Cashemire is the happy result of a series of fortuitous meetings of like-minded people. It is thanks to each of them that Karuna Cachemire was born to offer you a choice of unique stoles and shawls.

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