The Team

The creation of Karuna Cachemire is the happy result of a series of fortuitous meetings of like-minded people. It is thanks to each of them that Karuna Cachemire was born to offer you a choice of unique shawls and scarves. Our team is made up of local artisans.
Mohan oversees the weaving workshop and Mukunda takes care of the family-run paper workshop.

It was the chance meeting with Tikaram, kindness personified, that inspired me and resulted in this collaboration with the country that is so close to my heart. 
As a lover of travel, I have walked along many of the paths of this world. Both the humbling vastness of the Himalaya mountains and the warm welcomes from the inhabitants of its isolated villages, have inspired me and opened my heart to the beauty all around us.

By patiently passing on his perfect knowledge of cashmere and traditional know-how, Tikaram has given me the opportunity to offer you these exceptional shawls.

By enveloping yourself in this softness and beauty, it is my hope that you feel the same lightness as you travel through your world.

In sanskrit KARUNA means compassion.