Premium Quality

Two main factors determine the quality of the cashmere.

The diameter of the fiber (in microns)

The smaller the diameter of the fiber, the finer the fiber is.  Most wools have a fiber between 23 and 27 microns, the finer Merino generally ranges from 18 to 20 microns.
At Karuna Cachmire, our artisans select only the finest fibers, from between 14 to 16,5 microns, about 6 times thinner than human hair.

The yarn count

This essential information indicates a weight/length ratio of the yarn. The higher the yarn count, the higher the quality and the price.
All our shawls have a yarn count of either 100 or 200.
For example a 70 x 200 cm stole weights 90g, thus the luxury of the ultimate lightness. For our warmer shawls, a thicker yarn of the same quality (yarn count of 28) is used but with the tight weaving process.

Our stoles are made with 2 threads while our warmer shawls are woven using just one thread. They provide a unique lightness and softness.