These modern unique shawls are exceptionally soft to the touch. They have that combination of elegance and relaxed style.
Each one is made by hand and therefore a one-off piece.


Created using the unusual ice-dye technique these ultra-soft shawls bear the fruits of the beauty of the natural dyeing process and the luxury of lightness. Sumptuous! Exceptional creations.


The result of the skilled weaving of this quality cashmere yarn is a soft, elegant and modern shawl of delicate hues. As you drape it around your shoulders or your neck you will feel its light touch.
Made by hand each creation is a one-off.


The grade of the weave as well as the hue and design of these  scarves combine both a contemporary yet elegant look. Warm, soft and comfortable these scarves can be worn round the neck in a relaxed style.  As they are made by hand, each scarf is unique.


Either worn round the neck, draped over the shoulders or as a blanket, these shawls are woven with a tight weave which makes them comfortable, soft and light to wear. Perfect for the practice of meditation too. Plain, self-patterned or the two-tone color, each creation is unique.


With herringbone weaving and unusual patterns these shawls are ideal for everyday use. Both timeless and modern they offer remarkable comfort, warmth and softness.
The traditional handmade method makes for the uniqueness of each shawl.


The refined weaving and the extreme lightness of these shawls will offer you the elegance and originality of a one-off creation. Ultra soft they are simply sublime.