The Workshops

Our stoles and shawls are hand made with care at every stage of the process in our workshops in Kathmandu, Nepal.
While weavers passionately perpetuate their ancestral know-how on traditional looms, the dyeing techniques have been adapted to create a contemporary look.
The mix of the traditional and the modern has culminated in creating a weave of exceptional quality.
Art and traditional craft have been perfectly merged together.
Each shawl is unique.

The weaving workshop

Each artisan weaves an average of 2.5 shawls per day while working 8 hours. Depending on the thickness of the yarn, the weaving time may vary. The finer the thread, the longer and more delicate the work is.

The dye workshop

After weaving and felting, the pieces are then dyed.
The speciality of our workshop, in addition to using the classical methods, is to incorporate an unusual technique called ice-dye.
Each piece carries once more the individual trademark and know-how of the craftsman.
Our dyes are certified AZO FREE, there is no health risk or impact to the environment.
The dyeing process takes place in the open air.

The packaging workshop

The Lokta paper packaging is made in a family workshop where smiles and friendliness rule the day.
The branches of the Daphne shrub from which the raw material originates, grow in the foothills of the Himalayas and regenerate every 4 or 5 years.
In this way the ecological balance is preserved.
Lokta paper is handcrafted by artisans in the mountains using a traditional process.